Concours Berlin Techno Booth

Le deuxième prix pour Tevi Allan Mensah et Eugenie Palau.

  • DISTINCTION / Berlin Techno Booth

Tevi Allan Mensah et Eugenie Palau, étudiants en master 2, ont obtenu le deuxième prix du concours « Berlin Techno Booth ». Leur projet snb-fi propose un dispositif autonome et itinérant dédié à la musique techno inspiré par le DJ Laurent Garnier. .

  • Le projet Snb-fi

The projet proposes an autonomous and itinerant device dedicated to techno music. Laurent Garnier once described the origins of techno as the idea of « taking machines out of their context to make futuristic music with them ».
While referencing artefacts of techno culture (such as SFB radio and Funktion-One sound system), this project reuses components of the contemporary city to provide party in Berlin’s public spaces. Borrowing a lifting scissors platform and two advertising screens, this object reinterprets standard elements of the contemporary city into a technical manifesto for party.
Inside, two plans are providing sound and light while ambiguously isolating the user from his public space. On the outside, pitch screens are broadcasting party visuals reacting to the urban context. Sometimes at ground leval to let users enjoy the loud music, sometimes multiplied or raised to address the urban scale of the German capital and sometimes dismantled to propose a festive arrangement for better days, this flexible machine adapts to its users, to its context and to its time. The kiosk invests the main roads as well as the U-Bahn stations, all the « platz » or the enclosed courtyards of Kreutzberg. Snb-f1 is taking over Berlin through techno music and culture.

  • Le concours

The Berlin Techno Booth Competition is part of Bee Breeders’ Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement showcasing small projects that contain big ideas. Designers were tasked with proposing a temporary structure that, in light of the ongoing pandemic, could accommodate a single dancer, allowing them to dance and enjoy Berlin’s techno music in a socially-distanced fashion. The only constraint was that the structure has a maximum area of 4 m2.